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Aluminium Silicon Oxide Core Shell Nanoparticles
Title:Aluminium Silicon Oxide Core Shell Nanoparticles
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Description:Aluminium Silicon Oxide-based, particulate-reinforced metal matrix composites (AMMCs) have been the most popular among the composite materials due to their low density and isotropic properties in addition to the superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. AMMCs have a more inhomogeneous structure than alloys due to presence of reinforcing particles. Such an inhomogeneous structure can enhance the pitting corrosion susceptibility, as well as cause a preferential dissolution of the interface between the matrix and the reinforcing particles.
Meta Keywords:Aluminium Silicon Oxide Core Shell Nanoparticles
Meta Description:Aluminium Silicon Oxide have been attracted much interest due to their fantastic properties, different from those of single-component materials, and their synthesis has opened new directions for material research. Coating the particles with a thin sh